Equestrian Law

In connection with the ownership and use of horses, numerous legal problems arise in equine law and equestrian sports law which require legal advice. Protect yourself in advance by drafting a corresponding contract.

The reform of the law of obligations has had numerous effects on the drafting of horse purchase contracts. The drafting of other contracts, such as stabling agreements, contracts with riders or contracts between equestrian participations, also often have hidden difficulties. Liability conditions for accidents involving horses or road traffic also require special precautions.

This special field of law is handled by our lawyer Stephan Wellmann, who himself has been practising equestrian sports with his own horses for over 20 years. Mr. Wellmann is also a regular tournament rider and active board member of a large riding club. Due to his many years of legal representation of various horse breeding companies, he also has in-depth knowledge in the field of legal problems relevant to breeders. We are also happy to advise you on questions of veterinary liability. Trust that his professional competence will be strengthened by personal interest.


As a horse lover you should be able to concentrate completely on your passion. That's what we take care of!

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