Competition Law

Unfair competition methods of your competitors can also endanger your company. In disputes with competitors in an increasingly competitive market, often the question arises whether there is a need for action to protect your own company from unfair competition methods of competitors. A further focus of our activities lies in the defence against judicial measures and in preventive legal advice in the design of advertising measures.

In the field of industrial property rights, the focus is on industrial property rights such as trademark rights, design rights, utility model rights, patent rights and copyrights as well as license agreement law. Therefore, take advantage of our consulting services and inform yourself about possibilities to protect your company.

We will also help you to defend yourself against legal measures and provide preventive legal advice on the design of advertising measures so that you do not accidentally come into conflict with competition law yourself.

Industrial property rights

For our clients we also handle the area of industrial property rights such as copyright, patent law, licensing law as well as trademark, design and utility model law.

Even in free competition, there are clear limits that must be adhered to. This is regulated e.g. in the law against unfair competition. We will be happy to advise you on the legal possibilities and limits.

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